Chattahoochee Valley residents safely enjoying high water levels

Chattahoochee Valley residents safely enjoying high water levels

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We are finally seeing an end to heavy rains, giving the flood waters a chance to recede.

But some residents in Columbus and Phenix City say the weather hasn't put much of a damper on their holiday week.

There were plenty of people on both sides of the Chattahoochee River on Thursday evening, enjoying the weather, taking pictures, and saying they want to capture the moment in case they don't see these type of water levels on the river again anytime soon.

The river in the Chattahoochee Valley area attracts hundreds of people daily, and even the past week of rain and flooding didn't stop people from checking out the scenery in Columbus.

"It doesn't look natural seeing it this high, although at the same time it looks kind of peaceful. It's dangerous it's up this high. So I'm hoping the rain will calm down to help lower it just a little bit," said resident Stephanie Walker.

And it could be dangerous; safety officials remind people to stay away from the water if possible and watch from a distance. Stephanie Walker and her family came to the river walk for the second time this week, hoping to see the water levels receding.

"I think the last time we came that bridge (Phenix City walk-through bridge) wasn't covered. It will still a little space under the bridge but now the floor is covered," said Walker.

At the Phenix City Amphitheater, people were using the high flood water to their advantage.

"That fresh water going to make them bite all night until the water go down some," said James Watts.

With no caution signs holding him back, Phenix City resident James Watts says now is the best time to fish in this type of water.

"It's just good fishing. You don't have to throw far out. Catfish love that fresh rain. It make them dance in the water. See that? There you go," said Watts.

And a few hours later, Walker had a bucket full of fish from the Chattahoochee River that he plans on using for his New Year's Day dinner.

"With the cabbage and the black eye peas and hot sauce," said Walker.

And with the rain finally coming to an end residents are ready for a change.

"The cold weather coming, Alright! That will be perfect," said Chad Boles.

Here is the link to the The U.S. Geological Survey live webcam from the 14th Street Bridge.

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