Some Columbus residents take care of taxes early

Some Columbus residents take care of taxes early

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's the first day of the New Year, and many people looking to recover some of the money from their holiday spending may be able to do so by filing their taxes.

We spoke with a tax preparer who was open New Year's Day and got insight on how early you can file those returns.

Phoenix Accounting and Tax Services located at 3418 Buena Vista Road took advantage of early tax filers. Owner and Chief Executive Officer Monica Brewer says the lobby was full of people at 9 a.m. wanting to get a head start.

Brewer says you can use your last pay stub of 2015 to get an estimate on how much you may be getting back but you will still need your W-2 form to submit to the IRS.

You can file now, but Brewer says the earliest you can submit your W-2 and be accepted to the is January 19.

"We like to keep the office open on New Year's Day because everything else is primarily closed. Most taxpayers look for that opportunity because they can't get off work to file their taxes. So we try to stay open so it would convenience them more," Brewer said.

Brewer offered all new clients the opportunity to get their taxes done for free Friday. Brewer says January is typically the busiest month of the tax season.

This year's deadline to complete your taxes is Monday, April 18.

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