Death of 3 in Upatoi under investigation by CPD

UPDATE: Death of 3 in Upatoi under investigation by CPD
(Source: Emilie Arroyo/WTVM)
(Source: Emilie Arroyo/WTVM)

UPATOI, GA (WTVM) - The Columbus Police Department has confirmed that the two vehicles stolen from the scene of a triple homicide have been recovered as they continue to investigate what's been called as a "brutal" scene in Upatoi, GA on Monday.

Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan confirmed a triple homicide at a home on the 3000 block of Bentley Drive in the Upatoi area early Monday.

Bryan said three people were found dead in various rooms in the home and all are being called homicides; police say they were called to the scene around 7:50 a.m. on Monday The home is located in the Cedar Point subdivision in Upatoi.

Officials confirmed that a child, a teenager and a grandmother were killed in a "brutal" way. The coroner confirmed the identities of those killed as Gloria Short, 54, Caleb Short, 17, and her granddaughter, Giane Lindsey, 11. The ages of the victims have not been confirmed.

Officials say Gloria Short's husband, Robert Short, found his family members inside of the home after returning from work, and called 911.

"[I] Need for everyone out there to keep the families in their prayers, this is a sad case to start of the first of the year," Bryan said.

Columbus Police Department found two vehicles stolen from the home, a 2014 silver VW Beetle, with GA plates PLB-6099, and a 2004 green GMC Envoy; GA Plates TMR-654. The VW was found in Rigdon Park on Howe Avenue, and the Envoy was found at Broadmoor Drive and Cindy Drive. Both vehicles were towed to the Columbus Police Department.

The victims' bodies will be taken to Atlanta for autopsy. The coroner released the cause of death as blunt force trauma. Bryan said that this is the first time during his time a coroner that he's covered a scene like this.

"It's a brutal death, it's a horrible situation, chief and I were talking coming out here this morning, I've been in the office three years now going on my fourth year, and it's the first mass homicide that we've had," Bryan said. "Chief had one a few years back he was telling me about, so it's way out of the ordinary for us to run into a triple homicide like this."

Mr. Short and the Short family have been cooperating with the investigators. We are asking for anyone that has any information about this case to please contact. Corporal Alan Malone at (706)-225-4293 or or the Robbery/Assault Unit at (706)-653-3400.

Police have not named any suspects in this crime at this time.

Counseling was provided to students at Shaw High School where Caleb was a student on Tuesday.

Police say while many want answers to what happened, they discourage social media rumors because they could lead officials in the wrong direction.

"If you don't know don't say, if you do know something, pick up the phone and call us, we've had so much going on, on the social media that's just not true," said Major Gil Slouchick with Columbus Investigative Services.

If anyone has information in this case they are asked to contact police directly at the numbers listed above.

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