Neighbors host prayer vigil for triple homicide victims in Upatoi

Son of triple homicide victim remembers his mother

UPATOI, GA (WTVM) - In remembrance of the three victims who were violently killed in their home on Bentley Drive, neighbors are holding a prayer vigil on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. located at 3064 Bentley Drive.

The suspects believed to be responsible for taking the lives of 54-year-old Gloria Short, 17-year-old Caleb Short and 11-year-old Giane Lindsey are still on the run. The Columbus Police Department continues to investigate the case and Bishop Jones, Gloria's oldest son says his family continues to pray.

"My prayer is of course is that God allows us to be able to find out who it was and that will give some type of peace some type of solace to the heart of those that hurt," says Bishop Kevin Jones.

Jones is one of four of Gloria Short's children and says he was at his church in Columbus on Monday morning when he first learned his mother, brother and niece were brutally killed.  

"It appears that it is a crime of just hatred. And that is somewhat hard to deal with as a son and as a man of Faith," Jones said.

Bishop Jones and the rest of his family are still having a hard time accepting the sudden and violent death of three people who they loved dearly.

"I never thought that this would happen to someone in my family and not just one but three at one time."

Teddy Kindrid, Gloria's older brother says the hardest part for him is that this horrific tragedy happened just one day after he turned 58, and now he fears the memory of this nightmare will haunt him every year on his birthday.

"They didn't deserve this, they really didn't," Kindred says there are still so many questions unanswered "we just want answers, who did this and why."

Gloria was the youngest of nine siblings and according to her son she was an all around wonderful woman.

"She was a loving person, she was a stern person but most of all she was Gloria and to know her was to love her," said Jones.

The bodies have been transported to Atlanta for autopsy. If you have any information on this case you can contact the Columbus Police Department at (706)-653-3500.

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