Columbus pawn shop not impacted by stricter gun control

Columbus pawn shop not impacted by stricter gun control

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Gun control is back in the headlines as President Obama's executive action tries to limit gun violence across the country.

Alpine Pawn and Sporting on Buena Vista Road in Columbus is already doing all the things required by law when selling someone a gun.

One of the sales associates, who's had gun violence hit close to home, doesn't know if stricter gun control will solve all the gun violence facing our nation.

Alpine Pawn and Sporting has been in business for more than 25 years, and workers there say President Obama's executive action on stricter gun control is not going to impact the way they do business.

"From what I've read not a lot of it is new, it's just clarified and the clarifications don't apply to us," said David Warrick of Alpine Pawn and Sporting.

President Obama says reducing gun violence in the country is his main concern, wanting more efficient background checks, plus a licensed dealer required, no matter where you buy a gun.

Alpine, a licensed dealer, performs background checks on all gun purchases. In fact, they have kept a formal record of all gun sales since 1989.

"If the guns turns up in a crime they have a means of finding out origin, who it went to and they can work backwards," said Warrick.

The executive action also calls for more funds for mental health treatments with proper backgrounds checks to decide if they should be allowed to have a gun. Warrick at Alpine knows all too well about gun violence.

"My mother was killed in domestic situation. She was killed by a crazy person with a gun. Had he not had a gun, he would have still killed her because he was crazy. You can't stop crazy. Ultimately, I don't think stricter gun laws are what it's going to take because you can't prevent crazy people from doing crazy things," said Warrick.

President Obama also announced he doesn't want to take away the right to bear arms but close so-called "gun loopholes". Alpine says people buy guns of out fear in response, thus increasing business.

"Ultimately I will sell more guns this month than I probably sold last month," said Warrick.

President Obama will discuss actions he wants to take on gun control during a live town hall event Thursday night on CNN at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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