Ft. Mitchell church hosts vigil for recent homicide victims

Ft. Mitchell church hosts vigil for recent homicide victims

FORT MITCHELL, AL (WTVM) - Following a double and triple homicide in the Valley in back-to-back days this week, people came together Wednesday night to pray for the families affected.

It was a packed house at St. John AME Church in Fort Mitchell as friends and family came together to mourn the victims of separate killings in Fort Mitchell and Upatoi. 

Friends of both the Short and Harmon family were in attendance at St Johns AME along with elected officials from across the valley. Phenix City Mayor Eddie Lowe and Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor were among those in attendance, all of them expressing their condolences to the families.

The mass helped the families cope with the difficult situations that they are still currently going through.

Shamika Averett, the mother of Giane Lindsey, daughter of Gloria Short and brother of Caleb Short was very gracious for St John's vigil.

"All I can say is thank you," said Averett. "Thank you to my very best friend, thank you to the Pastor who pulled all of this together. They didn't have to do that but they did. I mean we had two huge tragedies back to back. My family in Upatoi and the family out here in Ft Mitchell I mean all I can say is thank you thank you thank you for thinking of us and for thinking of us in this tragic time and bringing the community together that's what this was all about and as I said earlier if anybody knows anything that is relevant we have an award, we're not announcing that award because that's not important but we have an award that our family's putting together that we want somebody to say something even if its something small we want them to call 706-653-3400 they can even call 911 and just say I think I heard something that doesn't sound right and they can report it and that will help us."

The officials working both cases in attendance wanted to stress the importance of not spreading false information connected to these homicides on Facebook.

Sheriff Taylor said that it can hinder their investigations, but if you do know something make sure to call police.

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