LGBTQ advocacy group reacts to AL same-sex marriage ban

LGBTQ advocacy group reacts to AL same-sex marriage ban

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The battle over same-sex marriages has taken a new twist in Alabama, thanks to a man known as the "Ten Commandments Judge."

Chief Justice Roy Moore tried to stop this movement on Thursday, Jan. 7.

"As the 8th Circuit pointed out... the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in three separate cases they held xx opinion did not validate the laws of Nebraska, Arkansas or South Dakota. Another federal district court in Kansas said the same thing," said Justice Moore.
Justice Moore has cited this ruling as to why he has ordered probate judges across the state of Alabama to stop issuing same sex marriage licenses.

But because this order came from the Chief Justice and not a majority ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court, many believe that Moore is in no position to make that call.

Christopher Jimenez-Cherry, a Community Organizer for Equality Wiregrass, a group that Advocates for the LGBTQ community had this to say about Justice Moore's recent opposition to marriage equality,

"I had viewed it as a political stunt to be honest," Jimenez-Cherry said. "You know we know that this administrative order has no teeth and there is no authority in it. And that is clear from the rest of the counties still continuing to issue marriage licenses, at least those who were issuing to same sex couples before."

Despite Justice Moore's orders, probate judges from both Lee and Russell County told us that they are still issuing licenses to same sex couples.

Jimenez-Cherry told us Equality Wiregrass will take matters into their own hands with a rally on steps of the Alabama Supreme Court.

"What we are really seeking is to have Judge Moore Removed from the bench," Jimenez-Cherry said. "He has a long history of ignoring the federal judiciary and he has had his chance to follow the laws that the United States has put in place and he refuses to do that. So we think it is time for Judge Moore to go."

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