VIDEO: GA high school teacher drags teen by hoodie out of classroom

VIDEO: GA high school teacher drags teen by hoodie out of classroom

MERIWETHER COUNTY, GA (WTVM/WSB/CNN) - A 14-year-old student was forcibly removed from his classroom in Greenville, GA by a teacher because he refused to remove his hoodie.

The incident occurred on Dec. 18 at a high school in Meriwether County, GA. The video was first obtained by WSB-TV in Atlanta.

In the video, the male student is shown being dragged out of an unidentified teacher's classroom by his hoodie as he remained seated in his desk. The Meriwether County School Board is not releasing the name of the school, teacher or student involved in the incident.

The teacher reportedly asked the student to remove his hoodie, which he refused. The video taken by someone else in the classroom has no sound, but clearly shows the incident.

"She started pulling the hood and it was moving the desk and the desk went up against the wall and then she thrown him out the desk," the student's stepmother, Lorrie Ford told WSB.

Ford also said the teacher asked for the school's resource officer to come and help in the incident. The student was not injured and was taken to the principal's office.

The stepmother also said the teacher allegedly wanted to press charges against the student because she said he threatened her.

Meriwether County School Superintendent Dr. Tim Dixon said he was "alarmed" by this and every incident involving a teacher and a student.

Dixon said the teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave and the student has returned back to school.

"No matter what you do, somebody is watching and you should be the adult," Ford said.

The Meriwether County Sheriff's Office said the investigation is in the beginning stages and no police incident report has been made yet.

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