Columbus public libraries extend operating hours for 2016

Columbus public libraries extend operating hours for 2016

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Chattahoochee Valley Libraries are celebrating the New Year with expanded operating hours for three city branches.

The Mildred L. Terry Public Library, North Columbus Public Library and South Columbus Public Library are now open Monday through Saturday.   This is an increase from five-day service to six-day service for the community.

"The public library that is open is the public library that gets used. "Our materials and services must be convenient and accessible for our customers and this means being open. Every day hundreds of people seek our help finding jobs, filling out online job applications, and completing resumes. In short, our libraries are more relevant than ever," commented Library Director Alan Harkness.

A total of three libraries will be open for an additional 30 hours each week. With so much more than books to offer, local libraries have an average of 1,500 visitors each day.

Here is a list of new library hours:

Mildred L. Terry Public Library
640 Veterans Parkway
Monday          10am - 6pm
Tuesday         10am - 8pm
Wednesday    10am - 6pm
Thursday       10am - 6pm
Friday           10am - 6pm
Saturday        10am – 6pm

North Columbus Public Library
5689 Armour Road
Monday        10am - 6pm
Tuesday        10am - 6pm
Wednesday   10am – 6pm
Thursday      10am  - 8pm 
Friday           10am - 6pm
Saturday        10am  - 6pm

South Columbus Public Library
2034 South Lumpkin Road
Monday          10am – 6pm
Tuesday          10am – 6pm
Wednesday     10am – 8pm
Thursday        10am –  6pm
Friday             10am - 6pm
Saturday         10am – 6pm

The Columbus Public Library located at 3000 Macon Road will continue its seven-day service. For more information on the Columbus libraries click here.

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