Shaw High School reflects on slain student’s life

Shaw High School reflects on slain student’s life

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Monday morning's brutal triple homicide has left Upatoi in a state of disarray. Gloria and Caleb Short along with Giane Lindsey were found by Gloria's husband killed due to blunt force trauma.

On Friday, Shaw High School reflected on the life of one of their classmates.

The Mass Communications Department at Shaw released a tribute video to Caleb, featuring interviews from teachers and classmates.

Caleb's teachers had nothing but good things to say about the young man.

"I've known Caleb for about three years since he was a freshman, first Tuesday morning, I couldn't even go in my room, because I know he is usually sitting in there when I come in so I just kind of walked around the halls," said learning support teacher James Ceaser.

Ceaser had a very personal relationship with Caleb. He talked about how before school Caleb would come into his classroom and just talk about things going on.

"He was a truly nice young man, really humble, minded his own business, very respectful," said Cesar.  He also mentioned that Caleb was quiet and reserved. 

Caleb's English teacher Samantha Christensen echoed the remarks about Caleb being quiet yet very respectful.

"He was just an all around good person," Christensen said. At the end of the interview, a teary-eyed Christensen said, "He will be very missed." 

Another one of Caleb's teachers, Julee Fryer, talked not only about Caleb but also his mother.

"Just a great kid a great family," Fryer said. "That was one thing I remember about his mom, when we would talk about Caleb and stuff her main objective is that he kept up with his grades and stuff but he was always respectful."

In addition to his teachers, Caleb's classmates were deeply saddened by his tragic death.

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