Crimson Tide superfan celebrates 400+ games at National Championship

Crimson Tide superfan celebrates 400+ games at National Championship

GLENDALE, AZ (WTVM) - Some of us think we're big fans of our team.

Some people have filled their homes with memorabilia and folks have that "man cave" with their team logos everywhere - but Lee Elm is perhaps the biggest superfan of them all.

Elm, a native of Alabama and an Alabama alumnus has been to 423 games starting with his days as a student in Tuscaloosa.

Doing the math, that's an average of about 10 games a year over 40 years.

Now, he has missed a few here and there, but not many. This isn't his first rodeo for the national championship either - this will be the eighth championship game he's seen for the Tide.

"The first game I saw was in 1975, I was a freshman in college, it was against Missouri at Legion Field, we lost that game," Elm said.

He said his beginnings being a superfan began with watching a coaching legend roam the sidelines in Tuscaloosa.

"Those were the days when Coach Bryant was coaching us, and kind of like it is nowadays, it wasn't a matter of whether we were going to win or not, it was about whether we were going to cover the point spread," Elm said. "These are good times to be an Alabama fan."

Elm also said some of his favorite moments are of the Crimson Tide winning national championships.

"I would have to say my favorite one is the 1992 season national championship game against Miami just because it had been quite a while since Coach Bryant's last national championship," Elm said. "Most everybody gave us no chance to beat, but we wound up winning the game going away and it was once again great to be a Tide fan."

Elm said he's looking most forward to the championship game atmosphere in Glendale, AZ, as the Tide will face the Clemson Tigers on Monday night at 8:30 p.m. EST.

"I think it's just a wonderful atmosphere. When it comes to the game, it's going to be 'Roll Tide' all the way and I hope we bring home number 16," Elm said.

Elm said if he had to pick between Coach Bryant and Coach Nick Saban to leave his favorite football team, he said he'd choose Bryant for coaching and Saban for recruiting.

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