Former AL police chief convicted of selling weapon, ammo to person living in US illegally

Former AL police chief convicted of selling weapon, ammo to person living in US illegally

MONTGOMERY, AL (WTVM) - A former police chief in Macon County, AL, accused of selling ammunition to an undocumented immigrant, was sentenced in federal court last week by the U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama George L. Beck, Jr.

Former Franklin, AL Police Chief Michael Clements, 57, was convicted of selling ammunition, guns and other stolen items during a three-day trial in Montgomery.

"For citizens to have confidence in their government, public corruption cannot be tolerated," Beck said  "As a public official, Mr. Clements was a guardian of the public trust.  Thankfully, an overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers honorably serve their communities every day."

An investigation of Clements came to an end on July 16, 2015, when his Franklin, AL home was raided.

Evidence shown that the former police chief became a target of the FBI, who along with the Auburn Police Department, received information that Clements was selling stolen property - including computers, iPhones, flat screen TVs and more - and firearms from him home as a side business.

During the investigation, it was discovered through video surveillance that Clements was "brokering the sale of a firearm and ammunition" to an undocumented immigrant.

"At trial, the evidence revealed that Clements negotiated the sale of a firearm to a Mexican national illegally in the country even after the alien had provided Clements with an identification card written entirely in Spanish and issued by a Mexican governmental entity," a press release said.

Clements faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and three years of supervised release.  His sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 28, 2016.

Clements was indicted by a grand jury for selling a .357 Smith and Wesson handgun to a person the Chief allegedly knew was living here illegally in July 2014, then he allegedly sold the same person ammunition on May 8, knowing the buyer was illegally living in the United States.

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