Mayor: 'Justice will be provided' for 3 Upatoi homicide victims

Mayor: 'Justice will be provided' for 3 Upatoi homicide victims

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Three members of one Columbus family, brutally beaten to death last week inside of their Upatoi home, were all laid to rest on Monday.

More than 1,000 people were in attendance including Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson who says she was close to some of the family.
"Shameika Averrett who lost her mother, her brother and her daughter she's a friend, someone I worked with for several years," says Tomlinson.

Gloria Short, 54, her son Caleb Short, 17, and her 11-year-old granddaughter Gianna Lyndsey were all beaten to death last week. The three bodies were discovered by Gloria's husband when he came home from work.

"We have so many resources on this and it looks as if we are making great progress and so I feel as if there is going to be justice for the family and certainly resolution for the family in the near future," said Tomlinson after the funeral.

Gloria Short's older brother says that his family was hoping to have closure before the funeral, but he has faith that the Columbus Police Department will find the people responsible for this heinous crime.

"We had a whole week to accept what happened and honestly they were stronger then I expected them to be and I am proud of them," says Teddy Kindrid, Short's older brother.

With the killers on the run and no information released to the public about the suspects, many in Columbus are fearful for their safety.

"It wasn't a random act. So we don't believe at this time that this was a group of individuals were going around randomly attacking people or families. For whatever sick or perverse reasons they went there with a particular purpose. We don't believe at this time that the community at large is at jeopardy," says Tomlinson.

The family was buried at Green Acres Cemetery.

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