POLL: Who's the best Bama coach - Bryant or Saban?

POLL: Who's the best Bama coach - Bryant or Saban?

GLENDALE, AZ (WTVM) - The narrative heading into Monday's game was could Alabama win a fourth national title in seven years and officially claim a dynasty in the college football world?

After a tooth-and-nail victory, 45-40 over Clemson, we know the answer is a definite yes.

Now there's a new question on the minds of football fans: is Nick Saban the greatest coach not only in Alabama history, but in college football history?

Obviously, Bear Bryant is the measuring stick when it comes to college football coaches, with his six national titles and 323 wins, which at one point was the most in history.

Then there's Saban: five national titles and 191 total wins dating back to his days as head coach of Toledo.

But some could say Saban's had a tougher situation, with things like scholarship restrictions that coach Bryant didn't have to deal with.

So, Bama fans, I'll put it to you, Nick Saban or Bear Bryant? Who's the best coach in Alabama history?

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