Footage of deadly Eufaula police shooting released

Footage of deadly Eufaula police shooting released

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) - For the first time, body camera footage has been released of a controversial deadly officer involved shooting in Eufaula, AL in 2013 that left a Columbus man dead.

DISCLAIMER: The footage seen in the video above may be disturbing.  

In the footage, first obtained and published by BuzzFeed News on Tuesday, you can see the officer tell Cameron Massey to put his hands on the dashboard during a traffic stop before you see the car start to accelerate away.

Officers and witnesses say another officer was leaning in the car to grab Massey when the officer says Massey put the vehicle in drive.

The officer with the body camera fired the first shot while four shots were fired by the officer in the car. The first officer says he feared the moving car posed a deadly threat to his fellow officer.

Meanwhile, the second officer in the car says he didn't know if Massey or the other officer had fired that first shot, which, coupled with the danger of the moving car, caused him to fear for his life.

Massey's family has always said the use of deadly force was unjustified but neither officer was ever charged in the incident.


Man killed by officer in Eufaula died from multiple gunshot wounds

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