Student representatives react to hoverboard ban at CSU

Student representatives react to hoverboard ban at CSU

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's a gift that many children, teens and even adults received for Christmas, self-balancing scooters, better known as Hoverboards.

But with reports of malfunctioning even some fires, Columbus State University is the latest school to ban the devices from their campus.

A few of the devices have been seen on and around CSU, but the administration has now asked students, faculty and staff who own one to remove it from campus immediately.

Columbus State University senior Tyler Davidson is the voice of almost 8,000 students as President of the Student Government Association. The news came Tuesday by email to students that Hoverboards are no longer allowed on both CSU campuses, same for student dorms.

"There's probably a few students that are upset they can't ride them on campus anymore. But with the overarching issue of safety, it's not the biggest tragedy," said SGA President Tyler Davidson.

The ban comes after recent concerns by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and the possibility of fires the devices may cause on campus. CSU Police Chief Russ Drew said by phone, "this is a necessary step for the safety of our students."

He also mentions the ban is only temporary until further notice.

"This isn't the University saying we hate Hoverboards or we don't want to see them around ever again. But until the battery stops exploding and causing fires," said Davidson.

Davidson also tells us this new temporary policy was not a huge surprise to students having experienced two dorms fires during the school year already.

"Since it is a safety concern, it is not in the hands of the student government. It's just a policy we have to stand by," said Davidson.

The university's press release states the school may reconsider the ban based on the recommendations from national consumer safety investigations or the University System of Georgia.

According to CSU Police Chief Russ Drew, if students are caught with Hoverboards on campus, they will be in violation of the policy.

Auburn University also banned Hoverboards from their campus.

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