WTVM Editorial 1/15/16: Heart raffle is a winner

WTVM Editorial 1/15/16: Heart raffle is a winner

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - For the past few months you may have seen our news anchors Jason Dennis and Barbara Gauthier sharing heart healthy tips in a partnership with the American Heart Association and Mercedes Benz of Columbus.

It was part of the annual effort to raise funds for the local chapter of the Heart Association, and soon two lucky raffle ticket holders will each win a beautiful new Mercedes Benz.

This year 1,924 tickets were offered for the raffle at $100 each; 1,924 tickets because 1924 was the year the American Heart Association was founded.

It's an organization that has led the way in educating us about heart disease and the many ways we can live healthier to avoid or limit cardiovascular disease.

Since the raffle at Mercedes Benz started, dealership owner Mark Clayton and the generous raffle ticket buyers have raised more than $380,000 to help pay for research into heart disease treatment and prevention.

We applaud the efforts of the American Heart Association and Mercedes Benz of Columbus to bring awareness to heart health for many months of the year, not just for a week or a month.

For many who have known sadness from losing loved ones to heart disease, the Heart Raffle is a happy way to keep a positive focus on heart health. So even if you didn't win a Mercedes this year, you did make a big contribution by supporting the Heart Raffle...and there's always next year!

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