WTVM Editorial 1/15/16: Daymond John is great role model for 'The Dream Lives'

WTVM Editorial 1/15/16: Daymond John is great role model for 'The Dream Lives'

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One of the most popular shows on television is "Shark Tank" seen right here on WTVM News Leader 9 every Fridays at 9 p.m. EST.

And one of the most popular sharks in the tank is Daymond John, the founder of the mega-popular FUBU clothing line.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson hosted Daymond John for the annual Martin Luther King Unity Celebration this week - part of the ambitious efforts of the Mayor's Commission on Unity, Diversity and Prosperity.

We can all learn a great deal from Shark Tank's Daymond John and his entrepreneurial spirit and his humble, hardworking roots.

Shark Tank gives him a national platform, but John's story started small.

He launched FUBU with three friends and an idea: a cool new hat and a logo that means "For Us, By Us."

He held down a full time job at a Red Lobster while he was creating his clothing line. His mother mortgaged their house to give him some capital. As he grew his business, he convinced a childhood friend named LL Cool J, the actor and rapper, to wear his FUBU gear in a commercial.

Now FUBU is worth $6 billion.

Daymond John is a great example of a man who pushed himself and his company to greatness. He is the perfect person to represent Mayor Tomlinson's vision for "The MLK Dream Lives" unity event.

We think hosting a man of Damond John's character and accomplishments is a home run for the Mayor's Commission on Diversity by providing a nationally recognized role model at a time when we need them more than ever.

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