Blood evidence found in triple murder suspect’s home

Blood evidence found in triple murder suspect’s home

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Not guilty is how two Columbus suspects charged with three counts of murder pleaded Friday afternoon in court.

Jervarceay Tapley, 17, and 19-year-old Raheam Gibson are charged in the deaths of Gloria Short, 54, Caleb Short, 17, and Gianna Lindsey, 11.

Gloria's husband discovered the three bodies inside of their Upatoi, GA home on Jan. 4.

Investigators were limited on what evidence they could discuss in court since the investigation is still ongoing, but detectives were able to discuss phone records which indicated Tapley as the last person to call Caleb.

Tapley was close friends with Caleb and his mother Gloria Short, was not biologically related to the Shorts.

The Columbus Police department retrieved some of Caleb's clothes from Tapley's home and found blood in his shower.
"That blood evidence that was found in the same place where the clothes were found. That's the same residence of the only defendant that had a relationship with the victims or the victim's family," said Mark Shelnutt, Gibson's defense attorney.

Shevon Thomas, defense attorney for Tapley said it's too early to assume who the blood belonged to.

"Without the forensics from the lab and the results. I wouldn't be able to speak to that," says Thomas.

Attorneys for Gibson say they stand behind their client's innocence and that the bulk of the evidence discussed Friday in court can only prove Tapley's involvement in the murders of three innocent people.

No testimonies were made from either Tapley or Gibson. The judge did not give either suspect bond.  

The case will be bound over to superior court.

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