Politically incorrect sign makes thousands on T-shirts

A Harris County sign that made national headlines just two months ago is now in the headlines again for an entirely different reason. 

Sheriff Mike Jolley's self proclaiming politically incorrect sign helped raised thousands of dollars for children across the state of Georgia. 
The Co-owners of the Boutique on the Square in Hamilton, Georgia were approached by a local young man who owns his own T-shirt Company. 

They approached Sheriff Jolley about printing the sign on shirts. 

Sheriff Jolley agreed as long as some of the proceeds were shared with the Georgia Sheriff's Association.

"I never expected I would get national attention on the sign to begin with.  Never thought it would be fundraiser.  As a Sheriff I am not in the shirt business I am not in the sign business. says Sheriff Jolley.
Jolley is now in the fundraising business; the Boutique on the Square has sold over 700 shirts with Sheriff Jolley's sign on it and raised over 4 thousand dollars.

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