Beallwood community comes together for HUD meeting

Beallwood community comes together for HUD meeting

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Every year, Columbus gets funding from Housing and Urban Development, HUD  and Community Development Block gr ant.

This year the plan allows for $1.3 million to be spent throughout the community on housing and urban development.

Wednesday night's neighborhood public needs meeting in Beallwood was the second in a group of three meetings to get feedback from the communities on what they feel their specific needs are.

"We are currently working on our five year conciliated plan," said Laura Johnson, the Manager for Community Reinvestment Division. "And we are here tonight in the Beallwood neighborhood to gather input from them, on what they feel this community needs.  Either here in their neighborhood, surrounding neighborhoods or city-wide."

Along with listening to the community, the fountain city brought in a consulting firm, Mullin, Lonergan and Associates, a group that specializes in housing and community development, to speak with the attendees and note some of their concerns.

"These are all things that we can look at," Johnson said. "Of course we are going to have to go back and get with our parks and rec and other city departments to see if these are possibilities.  But if we find out this is something we can do these are actually items we could use our funding for."

The goal for some of that money in Beallwood would be for code enforcement to make sure those eyesores are taken care of, and for youth centers to provide constructive activities and cut back on crime.

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