Phenix City outlines budget, ongoing projects in 2016 State of the City address

Phenix City outlines budget, ongoing projects in 2016 State of the City address

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Positive was the word of the night during the annual state of the city address in Phenix City.

Several residents came out on Thursday to hear some of the city's successes and challenges.

There are about 36,000 people in Phenix City, and Mayor Eddie Lowe says there are some positive things happening in the city.

However, there have been some challenges along the way.

In his fourth state of the city address, Mayor Lowe spent a lot of time explaining the city's finances overall from 2012 to 2015.

"The numbers are the most crucial and important thing. Because ultimately, that's our responsibility to be steward of their money," said Lowe.

Residents were able to see that officials has enough money to cover the city's debt. Mayor Lowe adds the numbers are positive and will continue to improve over time.

"I think they will with all the new business and all of those. I think we will," added Lowe.

Businesses are also moving and expanding in the area. The opening of a new neighborhood Walmart on Wednesday created 90 jobs and brought in more than $93,000 in sales tax revenue.

Mayor Lowe also talked about putting an end to some of the ongoing problems to help residents in the city.

"We had a lot of sinkholes and that money comes out the general fund. If you have those, that hits you right in the bottom. Hopefully we can mitigate some of that. We hope to have another fire station that helps the citizens bring down their insurance," said Lowe.

After the address, residents were able to asked questions to the mayor and city council members. Questions ranged from consolidation to flooding issues in certain parts of the city.

Updates were also given for several ongoing projects in the city including the Whitewater Avenue project and the 10th Avenue and 12th Avenue bridge replacement project.

"We're behind because a little bit because of weather and the soil but that has moved greatly and looks like we may be on target. These bridges are dilapidated, they were old, buses or trucks  couldn't go across them. So it's been a 25-30 year project to get those done. We are finally getting them done," said Lowe

The city is also working with a publishing company to have a magazine to promote Phenix City. Click here to view the full document for the State of the city address.

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