Eufaula animal shelter fights to save lives despite opposition

Eufaula animal shelter fights to save lives despite opposition

EUFAULA, AL (WTVM) - Each year in the United States 2.7 million animals are euthanized, and Southern Souls Animal League in Eufaula has worked very hard in the past couple of years to help reduce that number.

Due to a handful of noise complaints the city may be taking all of it away. Co-Owner Jo Vaughn has received two separate noise complaints from her neighbors the second of which had her processed into jail.  

Despite the complaints, Ms. Vaughn and her partner continued to help save the lives of these innocent abandoned animals. Until one day Vaughn says that the mayor threatened her with a cease and desist order, that he said he could use at anytime.

City officials continued to d rop off animals for Vaughn and Southern Souls Animal League to foster until they were able to find a suitable adopter. 

"I was contacted by Ms. Vaughn regarding the problems she has been having with the city and county with the dogs being kept on her property, she is facing a criminal charge right now.  We are right here next to them and this is as loud as they are being. We have a decibel meter that is registering the different noises that are coming from, the traffic on 431 and on this road right here is louder than when the dogs are being fed at dinner time," Peter Havas said, an attorney for Southern Souls.

There is still hope that the city will help move Southern Souls Animal League into the old state troopers building on 431.

"If we got the word out there that this was a possibility, I think the community and people would get behind it. And in conjunction with the city and county we could make that a really good option for the animals," says Havas. 

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