Auburn holds meeting on $50M development plan

Auburn holds meeting on $50M development plan

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - A new $50 million renovation project in the heart of downtown Auburn has caused a handful of citizens to raise some questions. On Tuesday night, the city held an open forum for those people to have those questions answered.

Tuesday night's meeting at the Auburn City Council Chambers showcased the same presentation from three weeks ago. This meeting was held for those that could not make the passed meeting or still had additional questions.

In the beginning of the event it was stressed this was a forum to answer questions about the project, not a debate disputing it. 

Some people strongly disagreed with the new project that will transform South Gay Street. The proposed project will house a new urban supermarket, a hotel and a renovated parking deck. This would be the tallest structure in the city at more than 75 feet tall. 

Auburn resident Sherri Griswold was very happy with the meeting.

"I think the meeting was great, I really appreciate the leadership doing this for us and letting us ask questions because there are a lot of misunderstandings," Griswold said. "A lot of questions that people need answers to and it was great to get some of those hard questions answered."

"We are committed to looking at this project because we think it is something that would be a very good project for the urban core of the downtown of Auburn," said Economic Development Director Philip Dunlap. "But at the same time you want people to understand why you are where you are."

The project will have a final vote in front of Auburn City Council in April, and they would start demolition in January 2017.

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