Family of man killed in officer-involved shooting meets with leaders

Family of man killed in officer-involved shooting meets with Lee Co. city leaders

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - Dashcam video was released last week of Opelika officer-involved shooting that killed 56-year-old Bennie Tignor.

On Thursday, family and friends of Tignor met with State Representative George Bandy, Mayor Gary Fuller, and Opelika Police Chief John Mceachern at Opelika City Hall to discuss the footage.

The grand jury found that Officer Jared Greer used lawful lethal force when investigators say he shot Tignor on Oct.31, 2015.

Police say Tignor was armed based on the video, the officer's statement, and after recovering a gun on the scene. However, family and friends say the video isn't clear.

The family says the still pictures from the video do not clearly show Tignor holding a gun in his right hand.

"The gun is the key, if you don't have a gun you shouldn't have shot him down," State Rep. Brandy stated.

"The two officers, one said he saw Mr. Tignor armed with a gun, the other said he saw the gun on the ground next to Mr. Tignor, to say Mr. Tignor is not armed is to call these officers a liar. Now I can say that you can say whatever you want," Chief McEachern said.

"As a member of the black community, we have had officers say all kinds of things to put black people in jail, and we just want some evidence we want some evidence he had a gun," says State Rep. George Brandy.

Seconds after the shooting, you see the second officer walk in front of the dashcam video, securing the gun police say Tignor pulled on Officer Greer.

Tignor's family asked Mayor Fuller to see if he could find a company to provide clearer images, and the mayor agreed.

"We are going to try to clear up those still images, but you also have to take into account what is seen and heard on that video, and the grand jury's decisions," Mayor Gary Fuller said.

Officer Jared Greer is expected to return to work Feb. 3.

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