Homicide charges dropped after key witness dies

Homicide charges dropped after key witness dies

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Dozens of Phenix City cases have been dismissed including a 2011 homicide after the lead investigator, who served as a key witness in the cases, accidentally shot and killed himself off-duty. 

"Officer Daniel Davis was a wonderful police officer and a fine young man and he tragically died, that affected our case. We can't manufacture evidence. We have to have the evidence to pursue these cases," says Russell County District Attorney Kenneth Davis.
Officer Davis served as a key witness on the cases that were dismissed. Out of all them, Davis says only one was a Class A felony murder case.

Officer Davis played an intricate role in the 2011 homicide charges against Antonio King, for the death of 35-year-old Timothy Turman, and although the charges are d ropped, the District Attorney assures King will not be released from jail.

"If we get new evidence we will bring those charges back," says Davis. 

As it stands King is still in federal prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm and also faces a pending capitol murder charge in Russell County for the 2014 death of his 19-year-old nephew Sayqwan Wiggins. 

"It has to be unsettling for a victim to know that but it's a circumstance that we had no control over. We'll be more than happy to talk to the family about what has happened and what will happen in this case," says Davis.

The Phenix City Chief of Police declined to do an on-camera interview but says he supports the District Attorney's decision 100 percent.

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