Residents want more help from Russell County officials to maintain Ridge Road

Residents want more help from Russell County officials to maintain Ridge Road

SEALE, AL (WTVM) - Residents living on a Russell County road want the county to do something to improve it.

However, county officials say they're doing what they can to keep the road up to speed.

The unpaved Ridge Road in Seale, AL is becoming more of a headache for some residents. For the 30 years Joseph Boling has lived on Ridge Road, he says the conditions have recently become more of a problem.

"There wasn't any children and no population, but now we have children and this is what they have to walk through so they can get off and on the school bus," Boling said.

When it rains, Boling says the dirt road gets extra muddy, making it hard for cars to drive through. He and some residents would like county officials to maintain Ridge Road on a regular basis, especially for the kids.

"If it was rock on it and no mud. They did it 1992 and paved the upper end of the road just like it is now," said Boling.

Jody Jeffrey lives on Lockhart Lane, another unpaved road that intersects with Ridge Road. He moved to the area last year and also believes something needs to be done with the dirt road with no sidewalks or street lights.

"To be honest the conditions wasn't this bad a year ago. Just with the rain that we've been having, it's continuing to deteriorate and it's gotten worse," said Jeffrey.

Officials with the Russell County Engineers office sent a statement concerning Ridge Road.

"Ridge Rd is an unpaved (dirt) road and therefore its condition is adversely affected by the weather, especially heavy rains.   We routinely scrape our dirt roads and sometimes are able to add gravel, but due to the amount of unpaved roads in Russell County we are not able to do this on every road every time we have unfavorable weather conditions. Our records show that Ridge Road was last bladed on January 13, 2016.  We will perform more work on it as soon as the conditions allow," said County Engineer Larry Kite. 

Assistant County Engineer Shawn Blakeney adds, "As I stated on the phone Russell County has around 200 miles of unpaved roads through out the county we maintain. Every road problem that is called into our office we generate a work order for. There has been a work order put in for this particular road and we will correct any problem as soon as we can,"

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