Organizations bring autism awareness to Muscogee County

Organizations bring autism awareness to Muscogee County

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Each year in the United States 200,000 children are diagnosed with autism.

On Thursday evening the Muscogee County School Board met with parents of students with special needs at the Midtown Medical Center.

This was an opportunity to help aid the communication between parents and teachers.

"The whole point of these meetings is to develop a bridge of communication between our school district and the parents of those students that have been diagnosed with autism," said Muscogee County School Board Superintendent Dr. David Lewis.

There were more than 50 parents of students with special needs in attendance.  They were anxious to not only hear from the Superintendent and
teachers, but also others who help throughout the valley.

"A lot of times parents don't know that we were there and we will get phone calls, we didn't know you were there. And we will sit down and talk to them and anything that we can assist them with," said Vernita Harris, a parent mentor for Muscogee County School District.

During the meeting guest speakers like Harris explained their roles and then it opened up for discussion where Dr. Lewis and others helped answer and questions or concerns.

"I just want to say since Dr. Lewis has came our special ed department has done a 180 degree turn.  He has really gone in looked at it evaluated it and Ms Lewis, and we are moving forward.  I mean we had over 50 parents here tonight at this meeting," said Lisa Jenkins a coordinator for Anchors for Autism.

Each year, the special education department is graded by the state. In 2015 they received a 95 percent satisfactory rating, making them one of the benchmarks for special education departments across the state.

The Muscogee County School district is excited to be unveiling new special needs classrooms sometime next year that will help both students and teachers continue as one best special ed departments in the state.

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