AU equipment manager honored with Maxwell Football Award

AU equipment manager honored with Maxwell Football Award

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The Maxwell Club was established in 1935 to promote safety in football, and since then they have been handing out awards for some of the best players at the collegiate and pro levels.

Although football season on the plains of Auburn has passed, that doesn't mean the awards stop rolling in. The Maxwell Club Award, the first ever Innovation in Safety Award, will be given to a member of the Tiger's staff. 

The last time Auburn University received a Maxwell award, Cam Newton was winning national championships on the Plains. This time, the award was not for success on the field rather safety on the field.

Auburn's equipment manager Dana Marquez has been with the university since 2006 and was blown away by receiving the inaugural Innovation in Safety Award from the Maxwell Club.

"Winning the award, it is kind of surreal. One, did not expect it and two, only to find out how prestigious the Maxwell Football Club really is after doing research on it. It kind of humbles you a lot," said Marquez. 

The Maxwell Club is not the only one recognizing Marquez's hard work. He was the first equipment manager to be named to the SEC's concussion Committee earlier this year. 

The first person that Marquez contacted after he received the award was the last Maxwell winner at Auburn University.

"Well who was the last Maxwell award winner here and I went to find out it's Cam, so it was a pretty good poke, I'm like 'hey I might have to move your trophy to the back and mine go to the front," said Marquez. 

Marquez will be in Atlantic City on March 11 for the Maxwell Club Awards Banquet. Cam Newton will be playing in the Super Bowl in nine days in San Francisco.

Newton will also attempt to become the third quarterback to win both a National Championship and a Super Bowl.

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