Monopoly tournament raises funds for former Muscogee Co. teacher battling kidney disease

Monopoly tournament raises funds for former Muscogee Co. teacher battling kidney disease

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Friends from across the country visited Columbus on Saturday afternoon to help a former Muscogee County educator battling kidney disease.

Allen Shierling was diagnosed with Stage 4 renal failure in 2007. Last year, his kidneys completely shut down and he is currently on dialysis three days a week.

To raise money for a kidney transplant, Shierling held a monopoly tournament, scavenger hunt, and a raffle as his first fundraiser at Liberty Baptist Church on Valley Forge Road in Columbus.

Money from the tournament will be collected through the nonprofit HelpHOPELive to help cover the transplant and other medical expenses. The life-saving transplant cost about $240,000 and Shierling is responsible for 20 percent.

"I was looking for something that would be fun, that would be family-oriented, that people would want to do. I thought Monopoly is something we all remember from childhood that would draw people in. I contacted Hasbro and they were more than willing to let me use the Monopoly for this and so that made it even more interesting to me that they were willing to support," said Shierling.

Shierling is a former teacher at Baker Middle and Double Churches Middle School working at in school suspension and was a substitute teacher at Eddy Middle School.

He has been on the transplant list for about a month.

"Without a transplant, I have to stay on dialysis no matter what. The life expectancy on dialysis used to be about 5-8 years. The longer you are on dialysis, the more important it is to get a kidney transplant. I only been on dialysis for a year but if you go to the five year range, it is incredible to find something in the next few years," said Shierling.

For additional information, contact Allen at Donations can be made to a fundraising campaign in honor of Allen at or by calling 800.642.8399.

Checks can also be mailed "in honor of Allen Shierling" to HelpHOPELive: 2 Radnor Corporate Ctr., Suite 100, 100 Matsonford Road, Radnor, PA 19087

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