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GA bill introduced to protect military jobs

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A Georgia bill wants to put National Guardsmen at ease when they have to leave their jobs to serve their country.

State Representative Calvin Smyre introduced the bill this week.

We spoke to a military family who's hoping the state legislature will pass the bill.

Retired Army soldiers Elijah and Glenda Morish's daughter is on military assignment in Egypt. They hope when she comes home in 60 days, she doesn't run into problems with her employer as she has in the past.

They know firsthand the issues National Guardsmen face when called off to duty in a neighboring state or abroad.

"A few of the people who came in with her, they were moved to another level,” Elijah said. “She worked at a call enter. When she came back they told her she could not receive the same promotion they got because she wasn't there."

Elijah says he and his family are hoping the new bill called Protecting Guardsmen's Employment Act, sponsored by Representatives Calvin Smyre and Carolyn Hugley, gets the green light in this year's legislative session.

Smyre says he's optimistic the bill will pass.

“It's something that we could get as a legislative initiative, it's bipartisan, we've got democrats and republicans to sign on the bill,” Smyre said. “So it's a bipartisan piece of legislation and something we can do as a shared responsibility and as part of our promise kept package.”

The bill still has go through a several hearings before being approved to be voted on in the House.

We will keep you updated on the bill’s progress.

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