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Ready to vote? GA and AL primaries coming up

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The Iowa caucuses on Monday night were some of the closest races for a presidential nomination in the state’s voting history.
Voting in Georgia and Alabama is less than a month away as the states’ residents get ready to hit the polls.

"Georgia and Alabama count, and they're going to count a lot," said Columbus State professor Dr. Fredrick Gordon.

Gordon is taking in what happened in Iowa Monday night and using it as a measuring stick for what we could see here coming up.
“This is just the first test, they’ll have plenty more tests coming up," Gordon said. "I think what’s going to determine the Georgia and Alabama turn out is if people are going to be watching if it’s close races.”
Monday’s Iowa caucuses couldn't have been much closer. Hillary Clinton won the state over Bernie Sanders by 2 tenths of a percentage: 49.8 to 49.6. Republican winner Ted Cruz finished four points ahead of Donald Trump.
Alabama and Georgia voters hit the polls on Tuesday, March 1, but what will motivate local voters to go out and cast their ballot for this upcoming primary?
“The closeness has much of an energizing effect to young and old people, to go out and participate in the primaries,” Gordon said. 
Registration ended Monday in Georgia, but if you live in Alabama you can still register to vote until Feb. 15.
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