WTVM Editorial 2/5/16: WTVM invests in Midtown

WTVM Editorial 2/5/16: WTVM invests in Midtown

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It's important for all local businesses to invest as much as they can into their own community.

We see it every day in the news we cover: solid local businesses expanding, adding locations, hiring more employees, building new offices.

We cover many of those positive business stories in the news -- and we should. Local businesses are the lifeblood of any community.

So, I'm proud to share with you that we are investing again in Midtown Columbus - with another major renovation here at WTVM.

Our building on Wynnton Road is over 40 years old. As our business has changed, we have constantly upgraded our station, with state of the art broadcasting technology that costs millions.

And now we add a recent major building renovation to our historic station - once owned by the Carmike Theater chain and later AFLAC.

Raycom Media, based in Alabama, is our current owner, and they invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into our local economy with our latest renovation.

The construction work was done by local companies and local workers, like Alexander Electric and our general contractor, H.F. Layfield Construction.

We bought everything locally, as we should: furniture, lighting, and all the big and small purchases needed to create an outstanding working environment for our valued employees.

Investing locally in our employees and our station is part of our responsibility in serving you with programming, local news and digital options.

We are proud to share this news with you: our viewers and our clients. We want you to know that we believe in area we serve and we want our local economy to be as strong as it can possibly be for the benefit of all of us who live here.


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