WTVM Editorial 2/5/16: The 'SEC Primary' is no game

WTVM Editorial 2/5/16: The 'SEC Primary' is no game

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Presidential delegate sweepstakes takes a big jump forward on March 1, Super Tuesday called "SEC Primary."

Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia are the top states with hundreds of delegates at stake for both parties.

On the Republican side, although polls are fluid, Donald Trump holds a commanding lead over nearest rival Ted Cruz: 35 percent to 19 percent.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton is expected to do well... if she survives the next few primaries against Bernie Sanders, as each attempts to portray themselves as more progressive than the other.

Of course you have the most important role in the campaign, no matter which side you are on.

The March 1 primary is much like a "mini-national election", with so many states casting ballots at one time. That means you can have a real say in who ends up as your party's nominee. But not if you stay on the sidelines and let everyone else decide for you.

Do you think Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president, or is she running out of a sense of her own entitlement?

Do you think Bernie Sanders can be an effective president, or is he just a hardcore Socialist who wants to give free college and health care to everyone?

Is Donald Trump a viable Presidential contender or has he just tapped into a huge vein of voter anger at the past eight years?

And who else among the Republicans options is a true national leader?

These are all fair questions and voters need to be paying attention and asking questions so they can make their choice on March 1.

Calling Super Tuesday the "SEC Primary" makes it sound like a game, and that's unfortunate. Presidential politics at the primary level is a serious opportunity for voters to have a real say in who has a path to the White House.

We urge you to research the candidates and exercise your most precious right as an American and vote on March 1!


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