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WTVM investigation finds Phenix City pipeline not dumping sewage

Phenix City pipeline not dumping sewage (Source: WTVM) Phenix City pipeline not dumping sewage (Source: WTVM)

After at least seven years of illegal sewage dumping into the Chattahoochee River, Phenix City officials say they have now contained the problem.

However, not everyone in the community believes so according to buzz on social media.

Current Phenix City utilities workers say it was former administrators who installed illegal pipes, and now some people in the community think current leaders are doing it as well.

The pipe in question rests at 32nd Street and 1st Avenue where officials say it's not dumping sewage, rather storm water coming from a separate hole in the the ground.

"This pipe, this is an 18 inch storm water pipe that had to be reinstalled because of slope failure during the rain event that occurred the last couple weeks of December. We had over 22 inches of rain. That water runs down this street and overflows this bank. Now that pipe, exits where my engineer is standing now. This has nothing to do with sewer," said Roger Conner, Phenix City Utilities Director.

There is a square hole off the 32nd street and 1st avenue  location that houses a storm water drain, utility workers explain.  Feet away rests a round man-hole that houses sewage. WTVM investigated further, going to the end of the newly installed pipe, which was dry. That is until workers used a hose to pour water through the dry, square hole, showing that the line indeed links.

"This [round] manhole has constant flow on it, if we were diverting sewage to the river through that pipe you would have seen sewage flowing from that pipe already," said Conner.

Phenix City utility workers went even further, throwing dye into the round sewage hole to see if it would come through the pipe.

"That dyed water is not exiting that pipe, but going to the 29th street lift station," said Conner.

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