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Commercial truck, trailer stolen from Columbus woman's business; affecting drivers


A commercial truck owner in Columbus is devastated that her commercial truck and trailer was stolen after it's been parked in the same location for a decade.

More than just a truck, it's impacting a local business and the livelihood of drivers. 

Tire tracks are left behind after someone stole a 53-foot freight liner from its usual spot. 

"We've parked it here for 10 years and we never had a problem," said owner Annette Wright. 

Wright and her co-driver checks on the big rig everyday parked at 25th Avenue and Blanchard Boulevard off Victory Drive in Columbus. Around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the two women went out there and it was gone.

"Disbelief, total disbelief," said Wright. 

"When we passed by and saw the truck was gone my heart just sanked because I've been driving that truck for six years," said co-driver Beverly Avila. 

Wright's company MJW Enterprises uses the truck to drive produce across the U.S. 

"This is our livelihood. It's my bread and butter. We depend on it for everything. There's a lot of personal items in it. Things that can't be replaced. A lot of permits," said Wright. 

They filed a police report with the Columbus Police Department and reported the theft to several major trucking sites.

"Even they said it's unusual, they don't have many truck thefts," said Wright. "I'm hoping and think it's in Columbus or Cusseta. I don't think they went too far," said Avila. 

With many other commercial vehicles in the same location, they've asked around to other truckers if they've seen their missing property. 

"There are no cameras in the area and I called the mechanic I used to see if he heard or seen anything and he said no," said Avila. 

The two believe another truck driver could be responsible. MJW's owner hopes someone will recognize the tag numbers for the truck and the white 53 foot long trailer.  

Truck number: 918 
Truck license number: IC680J 
Trailer number: 1031 
Trailer tag: LE55380

They don't know why someone would take their truck and say the keys were not left in it. Also, the truck was left with half a tank of gas. 

"They are going to have a hard time to put fuel in it. We locked the gas caps," said Avila. 

There are a few tracking devices on the truck but so far, the device has not picked up on anything.

"I don't think [they've] had it on the major interstate," said Wright. 

Wright says she is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of the truck or information leading to the truck. Contact Columbus police if you have any information. 

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