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Thaw the Freeze debate heats up

A controversial tax proposal in Columbus once again had its merits debated in front of fountain city residents.

Columbus Mayor, Teresa Tomlinson defended her "Thaw the Freeze" proposal in a public debate against former Georgia State Senator Seth Harp, who calls the proposal "unconstitutional."

The two squared off in front of an audience inside Columbus High Schools Auditorium Wednesday night.

The plan would not eliminate the property tax freeze, but would grandfather in anyone who is currently under that freeze, so they could remain under it as long as they own a home that is frozen in value.

"So we need to reverse the course, we need a tax system for this new era that we live in and we need to make sure Muscogee County Columbus Georgia is competitive with other cities," says Mayor Tomlinson.
The Muscogee County school district has requested to put the issue on this year's ballot in November to let residents decide for themselves.

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