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Program teaches tips to avoid becoming a crime victim

(Source: Andrew McDevitt / WTVM) (Source: Andrew McDevitt / WTVM)

In recent days we have found out new crime statistics in Columbus that have shown robberies and rapes rising in the Fountain City. 

On Tuesday, the Muscogee County Marshal's Office gathered concerned citizens about how to avoid adding to these statistics.

The Muscogee County Marshal's Office held a seminar titled "Refuse to be a Victim," where concerned citizens learned how to avoid becoming a victim of crimes like robberies and rapes that have been on the rise in Columbus.   

People of all ages came together to learn how to avoid become complacent and ultimately becoming a victim.  

“In law enforcement we use a word called complacency, it's something that people you do it so often you forget everything else is going on,” said Deputy Humphries.

The “Refuse to be a Victim” program is sponsored by the NRA; however, they point out plenty of ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim other than using a gun. 

“But this program it teaches you other things, such as information about asp batons, which are metal poles for striking in case someone attacks you. Pepper spray, tasers, stuff like that,” Deputy Humphries said. 

The next "Refuse to be a Victim"  seminar will be in April and if you are interested in signing up you are asked to call the Muscogee County Marshall's office at 706-653-4385. 

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