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Astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison talks to students at AU

Dr. Mae Jemison Dr. Mae Jemison

More than 750 people gathered in Auburn on Wednesday to hear an "Extraordinary Women Lecture" put on by the Auburn University College of Liberal Arts. 

The guest on hand was Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African American women in space.  Dr. Jemison talked about overlooking the struggle and focusing on success we are all trying to achieve.  

Along with becoming the first African American Women in space, Dr. Jemison has also excelled as a physician, educator, engineer and a dancer. She stressed the importance of staying positive. 

“Frequently, when women are asked to come and talk somewhere we usually talk about the things that we haven’t done or how we are being held back. I think it is important, the way we become empowered is to talk about our work,” said Dr. Jemison 

Currently Dr. Jemison is working on “100 Year Starship,” a program that she began and works on making sure that in the next century we have the ability to travel to another star system.

She hopes to include people from all walks of life in this program. 

“An inclusive audacious journey transforms life here on earth and beyond," Dr. Jemison said. "And you notice the first word is inclusion because I only think we do are best when we include people, talents disciplines across a full spectrum of human expertise capabilities and experience.”

When asked about the most memorable time in space, Dr. Jemison said, “Looking at the earth my recognition wasn’t so much that there is my home planet. But it was rather, I am as much a part of this universe as any spec of star dust.”

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