Atlanta Falcons host Moms Football Safety Clinic at OHS

Atlanta Falcons host Moms Football Safety Clinic at OHS

OPELIKA, AL (WXTX) - The Atlanta Falcons have put their name at the forefront of the NFL when it comes to new ways to promote safety in the game of football.

On Thursday night they hosted a Moms Football Safety Clinic at Opelika High School.

In attendance were former Falcons players Bobby Butler and Buddy Curry, NFL defensive player of the year in 1980; NFL mom Lori Harris whose son plays for the Falcons and graduated from Auburn; and Damien Martinez of the Taylor Hooton Foundation.  

In recent years the game of football has continued to be cast as dangerous, but the Atlanta Flacons are teaching new ways to make this game more safe.

"We are teaching a different technique where we hit with the front part of our shoulder versus the crown of our head.  So I think it is a safer game now because of that.  But it has always been a game that is violent, it's physical, it's really what we like it to be," said Curry. 

With the safety of the game so closely scrutinized, rather than hosting these clinic for coaches, the Falcons targeted the individuals with the most influence over the child.

"Believe it or not, the dads are dads but the moms get all the influence. If a mom doesn't want their kid playing football that kid won't be playing football," said Butler. 

Another unique perspective at Thursday night's event was from Damien Martinez of the Taylor Hooton Foundation.

The Hooton foundation is named after Taylor Hooton a high school athlete who hanged himself because of depression caused by steroid use.

Martinez talked about how to recognize steroid use and some problems that come along with supplement use. 

The Falcons will be hosting five other clinics across the South East. Click here for more information.  

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