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Family believes Marion Co. mother is innocent in death of 3-month-old daughter

(Image provided by family members) (Image provided by family members)

A mother and aunt says their family member is not responsible for the murder of her infant daughter in January. 

We sat down with family members in Phenix City on Thursday afternoon as they explained their side of the story. 

Erica Windon is sitting in the Marion County Jail facing felony charges after an homicide investigation by the GBI office in Americus. Her family says she is innocent and is not the person who killed her youngest child.

Family members show pictures of Brylynn Windon, who was 3 months old when she died. The grandmother and aunt say they haven't been able to grieve because the infant's mother is suspected in causing her death.

"She is a great mother, that's wrong. She would never hurt her children," said Tammy Satterwhite, the victim's aunt. 

Investigators were called to the home in Marion County where the mother, her 2-year-old son and 3-month-old daughter were living. Investigators say the baby sustained an injury to the head on Jan. 26. 

"My niece said she had her back turned and she was sterilizing her baby bottles and she heard an "umpped" and she figured her baby girl was waking up," said Satterwhite. 

Tammy Satterwhite says other people were living in home could have caused the injuries. She said they were interviewed during the investigation.  

"She immediately seen that her daughter head was swelling and she was bleeding from the nose," said Satterwhite. 

Satterwhite says her niece called 911 and the infant was rushed to Midtown Medical where she died late the same night.

GBI agents and deputies interviewed witnesses, followed leads and searched the home for evidence.  Windon was charged with felony murder and cruelty to children.

"Some of those accusations were very rude. It has gotten to Facebook and they are executing my daughter without knowing the truth. God does things for a reason so don't question but please hear both sides before you judge somebody," said Sondra Mchone, mother of Erica Windon. 

Her mother and aunt believes someone isn't telling the truth about how the baby died. and thinks it could hurt Windon's chances of getting a fair trial in Marion County. 

The infant's body was sent to the crime lab in Decatur, GA for autopsy. Windon's 2-year-old son is currently in DFACS custody. 

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