WTVM Editorial 2/18/16: A Murder Remembered

WTVM Editorial 2/18/16: A Murder Remembered

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One of the most heinous crimes imaginable happened in our WTVM viewing area 14 years ago.

It was a murder that took the life of a young boy named Brett Bowyer and almost killed his father too.

But Brett's father, Butch Bowyer, left for dead by his completely immoral and vicious attackers, somehow, courageously crawled his way out of a shallow grave and refused to die.

Our Jason Dennis who originally reported this story, revisited the case for us in a special report called "A Murder Remembered".

If you missed the original broadcast, I urge you to go to our website and watch the story when you have the time.

It is an amazing account of a beyond brave father, who - knowing that his son was shot dead - dug his way out of the dirt his killers shoveled on top of him and despite deep stab wounds,  crawled a long distance to get help.

Butch Bowyer and his son were targeted by Michael Carruth, a local bail bondsman who sought out his victims for the cash they were rumored to keep at home. Carruth wanted the money to grow pot in an expensive underground garden.

When Bowyer failed to come up with enough cash that Carruth insisted he must have, Carruth and an accomplice shot Brett, cut his father's throat and shoved them in a hole thinking they had committed the perfect murder.

Jason Dennis was a young reporter then - well, he's still young! - and his coverage of this bizarre true crime event that touched so many lives in our area then and now 14 years later, is a must-see report.

The Bowyer case can seem stranger, and colder, than fiction.

But the fact that it's all true and that Butch Bowyer put his son's killers away for life makes it all the more remarkable.

It's is a testament to Bowyer's love as a father and his strength as a man that he fought to live so he could right an incredible wrong.


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