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Columbus family remembers business owner, former radio personality

J.B. Johnson J.B. Johnson

Former Foxie 105 radio personality and Columbus business owner J.B. Johnson passed away Friday morning from health complications.

Johnson was most well-known for the concerts he brought to the Columbus Civic Center, from Mary J Blige to Anthony Hamilton, but his family hopes he will be remembered for his giving spirit.

"He really changed my life… And I will never forget him," says Tashema Johnson, J.B's wife.

Tashema woke up Friday morning and discovered her husband had passed away Friday morning while they were sleeping.

“There was a peaceful glow on his face. J.B. had been having some health changes,” Tashema said.

She also says J.B. wanted to keep his health issues private.  

J.B owned a promotions company called Supershop Entertainment and four other businesses as well. He was also active in his church and community.

At the beginning of the year he raised money during one of his concerts to help the fire victims who lost everything just before Christmas in the Martin
Luther King Boulevard apartment fire.

Tashema says her husband’s ambition and desire to give back to the community came from his own humble beginnings.

“He told me on so many occasions him and his mom was all they had when he was growing up and everything he did he had to do at an early age,” says Tashema.

At the early age of 12, former Georgia state representative Jed Harris says J.B. helped him get elected.

“He introduced himself which for a 12-year-old to do that that’s very mature. He called and said 'Mr. Harris I’ve been following you and I would like to help you,” says Harris.

With permission from J.B.’s mother, Harris says he picked J.B up from his Elizabeth Canty apartment home each evening.  J.B began recruiting other
kids, which ultimately helped him get into office. 

Kenya White, J.B.’s best friend, say it’s that same initiative and drive that helped him become a successful businessman.

“When we graduated from Carver he said it, he said I’m not going to work for nobody else and a couple months later he opened up the shop,” says White.

J.B took the skills he learned running his businesses, and taught his two children how to be entrepreneurs as well.

“He taught me how to run his business…  He just taught me the ins and outs and I wish I could have learned so much more.. I wanted to learn so much more,” says Jaylin Hubbard, J.B.'s son.

J.B. also leaves behind a daughter and a nephew that he raised as his son.

Funeral services will be held Thursday, Feb. 25 at the Columbus Civic Center at 1 p.m.

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