Emergency managers on standby for severe weather

Emergency managers on standby for severe weather

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Emergency managers are on standby as the threat of severe weather inches closer Tuesday evening. Officials all over East Alabama and West Georgia are gearing up to tackle any situations that may arise from potential tornadoes or flooding.

Experts say you should have an emergency kit on deck that includes a three day supply of water, food and emergency power and lighting like batteries and flash lights to last 72 hours

Officials add that preparation can save you a lot of headaches if you do get stranded without electricity. When it comes to an active tornado or warning, if there is one, you'll want to find a room in your home or apartment that meets these conditions.

"Go to the lowest ground floor, or lowest floor, go to an interior room, preferably a small room,maybe a closet maybe a bathroom, and get in there away from windows, away from exterior windows and doors, and if you can during the worst part of that storm, cover your head," said Riley Land, Deputy Director of the Columbus Fire and Emergency Medical Services EMA/Homeland Security.

If you are out on the roads, officials say you can drive at a 90 degree angled path away from the tornado, but being out on the roads in the first place is risky during possible severe weather. They say it's best to try and stay indoors if you can.

Officials also encourage everyone to sign themselves up for as many alert systems as possible. Columbus has city-wide sirens as one of those warning methods, and emergency managers say that they only sound those sirens as an urgent warning to seek shelter. The only other time those go off are during tests, but there will be no tests Tuesday night so if you hear them, take cover immediately.

"That means it's time to take shelter, don't dilly-dally, don't call your neighbor and say 'Hey what do you think, what do you think we ought to do,do you see anything?' You get that warning take action right then," said Land.

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