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Muscogee Co. Schools Superintendent addresses rumors about St. Elmo closure

St. Elmo Center for the Gifted St. Elmo Center for the Gifted

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Rumors about a historic school in Columbus closing its doors were addressed Tuesday by the superintendent for Muscogee County Schools regarding St. Elmo Center for the Gifted.  

Dr. David Lewis sent a statement to News Leader 9 denying the speculations.  

“There is no current plan to close St. Elmo," Lewis said. "Any school closures require a recommendation from the Superintendent which are presented to the Board for official action.”  

WTVM learned about the issue from an email sent to us from a school board member. We also wanted to ask parents about the school and their reaction to the rumors.  

Gia Stewart’s son, a second grader at Eagle Ridge School, said she really likes St. Elmo.

“They work with the kids in smaller settings than in the regular classrooms and he comes home talking about the weather, condensation, clouds and climate control and he’s learning algebra,” said Gia.

Gabriel takes a bus to the school one day a week for accelerated learning.

“I have a really nice teacher, Ms. Carlisle and my favorite subject is algebra and I’m in a really good class right now.”  At St. Elmo, Gabriel is learning on a fourth and fifth grade level.  

According to Dr. Lewis’ statement, Gabriel and his mom have nothing to worry about regarding St. Elmo shutting down. The school has been in existence since 1930, according to the district's website.

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