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Alabama Governor throws his support to John Kasich

Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley is urging all Alabamians to go out and vote on Super Tuesday.

Monday afternoon Bentley talked about the importance of Super Tuesday.

He also criticized Republican Donald Trump for the way he is toward people.

Bentley then talked about why he endorsed John Kasich and why he still feels he is the best man for the job.

"I saw some special qualities in John Kasich that made me feel like that he would be the best president for the United States at this time in history. I still feel that way and I'm going to support him tomorrow and I hope that other people look at the grown up in the room look at this country and see what we need and don't vote because of anger vote because you love America," Governor Bentley said.
Bentley went on the say, whoever becomes the republican nominee he will support that person.

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