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Urolift fixes enlarged prostate

(Source: Ivanhoe Newswire) (Source: Ivanhoe Newswire)

ORLANDO. (Ivanhoe Newswire/WTVM) – Getting the diagnosis of an enlarged prostate has often meant life won’t ever be the same and certainly not as enjoyable. But thanks to a new FDA-approved procedure, the prognosis can be a lot brighter.

All his life, former U.S. marine Maurice McGeehan enjoyed an active, healthy lifestyle. It all changed last year when — at the age of 57 — he found out he had an enlarged prostate.

McGeehan says, “One of the things I love to do that I had to put an end to is scuba diving. It’s tough to find a restroom 90 feet down in the ocean.”

Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, Urologist at Orlando Health explains, “The prostate is a walnut size organ which essentially sits between your bladder and your urethra, and as you get older, it gets larger. So, you can have growth of the prostate either because of cancer, or because of a normal benign growth; a non-cancerous growth.”

Since McGeehan's enlarged prostate was due to a benign growth, he qualified for a new procedure called the Urolift, where doctors use sutures to open up the prostate channel. McGeehan was in and out in less than an hour.

“Almost immediately, I would say within two days after the surgery, it was like I didn’t have any problems ever,” McGeehan says.

Dr. Brahmbhatt says, “So far, in studies, there is a zero risk for erectile dysfunction. So, guys, they want to improve their flow in the bathroom, but they don’t want anything to affect their flow in the bedroom.”

McGeehan says, “I know the doctor mentioned things about erectile dysfunction and all those other things; my wife, she’s very beautiful, so, everything’s perfect.”

Some of the side effects of the Urolift are similar to traditional fixes … including blood in the urine and that “gotta-go, gotta go feeling.”

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