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SculpSure Fat Melter - a doctor's in-depth interview

(IVANHOE NEWSWIRE/WTVM) - Dr. Dennis Dass, board-certified plastic surgeon, Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery talks about a new procedure for fat reduction.

What is this new fat-melting technology that has just been approved?

Dr. Dass: SculpSure is the first FDA approved device that is a laser for fat reduction non-surgically.

How does it work?

Dr. Dass:  What we do is we apply applicators to the skin, the laser energy melts the fat and your body eliminates it over the next six to eight weeks.

Does it go in to the bloodstream, disintegrate?

Dr. Dass: The fat gets in to your bloodstream and then is eliminated by your liver.

How is this different from anything else that has come before?

Dr. Dass: There are a lot of other devices, this is the first time we are using a laser to do the same application.

What are the benefits of this over some of the others?

Dr. Dass: This is a onetime treatment and it only takes 25 minutes and is very tolerable.

How long does it last?

Dr. Dass: Once the fat is eliminated it is gone forever.

Does the patient still have to be somewhat careful with eating and exercise?

Dr. Dass: Absolutely, it is not a replacement for diet and exercise and good habits.

Who is not a candidate for it?

Dr. Dass: Really, everybody is a good candidate for it but I think people who are larger, have a larger body mass index; would probably be better served with something surgical in nature.

What's the cost of the treatment?

Dr. Dass: Right now we're pricing it at $1,500 per area and one area is kind of like the lower abdomen or the love handles and upper abdomen.

Is it for men and women?

Dr. Dass: Yes for men and women.

How popular is it, it is something that people haven't heard of?

Dr. Dass: Everyone is looking for something nonsurgical for fat reduction. Everybody needs that. So people are looking for something that's easy and effective. And it's going to revolutionize the way we do things because it's so quick and it's so much easier than the other devices that are out there.

How is this different, the suction versus non-suction?

Dr. Dass: One of the benefits of this device is there's no suction involved. So because there's no suction we can treat basically any area of the body.

What results can a person expect?

Dr. Dass: So you can expect about a 25% reduction in fat in twenty five minutes.

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