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Confusion at polls causing issues for Columbus voters

Confusion at polls causing issues for Columbus voters (Source: WTVM) Confusion at polls causing issues for Columbus voters (Source: WTVM)

More than 31,000 people in Columbus came out vote yesterday on Super Tuesday, that number up from the nearly 12,000 voters who cast ballots in the 2012 presidential primaries.

However, with high voter turn out also came some problems at the polls.

WTVM received quite a few calls and messages on Super Tuesday from people who didn't know where to go to vote, or experienced some kind of related issue, but Muscogee elections managers say the responsibility ultimately falls on voters, not them.

On Wednesday, Jeanette James with the Muscogee County's elections office, flashed a stack of returned post cards.

"This is just an itty bitty portion of the cards we got back," said James.

The Muscogee Election office tried notifying all voters of where they should vote before Super Tuesday, but some people failed to update their address with the elections office. It was something that could change a person's polling location come election day.

Election officials say they mail reminders always take calls for confused voters, adding that if you didn't make it to the right polling place, you might be the one to blame.

"You have to be responsible for making sure that everything that you need is taken care of and call us, we have no problem answering whatever question anybody has for us," said James.

Besides causing general confusion, people showing up to the wrong voting locations also put a strain on paper ballots. If you went to the wrong place, your only option was to fill out a provisional, or paper ballot, which left some voters high and dry.

"At some point or another we did run out of the provisional ballots because a lot of people were going to the wrong precinct," said James.

Registration for local Columbus elections in May will open again soon, within a week from Super Tuesday. If you want to avoid confusion at the polls you can vote early at the Citizen Service Center on Macon Road or request an absentee ballot.

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