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Columbus murder trial intensifies as state evidence points against suspects

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - More than nine witnesses took the stand Thursday with testimonies detailing the 72 hour crime spree that ended in the horrific murder of David Scott. 

Scott, 34, was shot and killed on Sept. 19, 2013 at the intersection of 7th Street and Coolidge Ave. 

Four of the five suspects including Donald Fair, Christopher Whitaker,Christopher Pender and Tyrecquiss Wells are all on trial this week. The fifth suspect, Jayln Dixon, pleaded guilty last week promising the state his testimony in exchange for a reduced sentence.

“Well after walking around thinking I lost my mind because I couldn’t find my truck and thinking maybe I parked it somewhere else then I found a pile of glass… no more truck, it was gone,” said a Kodak employee who took the stand Thursday afternoon.

Klaus Wilkinmeir had no idea his Tan Ford F-150, stolen on Sept 16, 2013 would be used in a three day crime spree throughout the city of Columbus starting with a home burglary.

"How they went there with guns, it’s scary to know what they would have done had we of been there," said Janet Wise.

Christopher Whitaker appeared to be wiping a tear from his eye, while the state of Georgia played surveillance of the burglary clearly showing three of the suspects going into Wise’s home with guns.
"My client, he's guilty of hanging out with the wrong people. He's guilty of making dumb decisions, but he is not guilty of murder," said Whitaker's attorney in opening statements.

According to the State of Georgia, Pender and Whitaker admitted to the burglary but deny involvement in the murder. 

A Columbus police officer testified that a Ford F-150 was spotted in an armed robbery on Sept 19, 2013 that left two people shot, the victim and one of the suspects, both who survived.

Police said in trial Thursday when they visited Pender in the hospital he lied about the events that led up to him getting shot. He told police he was shot at during a drive by shooting at the Fuel Tech on Veterans Parkway.

However, after questioning the store clerk who says he didn’t see or hear any gun shots, police determined Pender's claims were false.

The next day, the same F-150 was described as the vehicle that pulled up to a white Impala that David Scott was driving. More than 30 shots from four different weapons were fired, including a .223 rifle, a .45 caliber pistol and two 9 millimeter pistols. 

One shot hit Scott in the leg, another shot struck him in the head and killed him.
Scott's cousin testified Wednesday that he allowed David Scott to borrow his white Impala to go to the store with his friend, Eric Morris.

Scott’s cousin admitted on the stand that he is known for having large sums of cash because he likes to gamble. Prosecutors say they believe the suspects intended to rob Scott's cousin on Sept. 19 when David Scott was murdered, not realizing there was someone else driving his car.

The crime spree came to an end on Sept. 20, 2013 when witnesses say they saw at least two of the suspects setting the F-150 on fire.

Days after the homicide police attempted to arrest Tyrequiss Wells during a  high speed chase that spanned from Warm Springs Road in North Columbus to Manchester Expressway, to 185 South to South Columbus Buena Vista Road, but police were not able to catch Wells.

 Dixon, the fifth suspect, is expected to testify Friday morning.

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